st bernadettes assisted living

St Bernadette History

Sister Bernadette and my wife, Goyan, have been friends since they were 3. Bernadette is in charge of an orphanage, school and clinic in Pangururan, on the island of Samosir in Lake Toba, Sumatra. Goyan was a registered nurse, surgical technician, and operated her own birth clinic for over 20 years in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. Bernadette would send 5 children from the orphanage to Medan to live with Goyan while they went to high school. Every 3 years, 5 more students. Goyan finished seeing her daughters through college in 1997 and came to the United States where she applied for asylum.

911 interrupted her getting a green card, she had to start all over. Goyan got her green card in 2011, and became a citizen in 2012. She has worked as a CNA while in this country because she hasn’t taken the test to be licensed as a nurse. She feels the language barrier is too steep. Goyan has been caring for people since she was young. She has a personality that is engaging. She is a magnet for children, and has an instinct about people, knowing just what they need. I 2006 she asked me to help her start her own business so she could work for herself. I said “Ok”. We prepared a home to use as an assisted living residence and opened St Bernadette Assisted Living in 2009.

We wanted to have a home where a resident could move in and age without having to move again. We are wheelchair accessible so residents can be ambulatory, use a walker, or use a wheelchair, and go anywhere in the home. We do one person transfers, assist with showers and hygiene, and support incontinence as long as it is manageable. We do Hospice as well and are honored to see people through on the next leg of their journey. Most of all, we wanted our home to be a home and our residents feel like family.


St Petro Assisted Living

St Petro Laurel Haus History

St Petro Laurel Haus was opened in September of 2014. St Petro is named after Sr. Petronella, who is the assistant to Sr. Bernadette at the orphanage and school in Pangururan, Sumatra, Indonesia. Please follow the link to St Bernadette and read our story about how we became interested in helping others in assisted living.

St Petro was opened to provide the same care in a secured environment that we provide at St Bernadette. We believe a home-like environment is less stressful for residents with memory issues because it is a familiar setting; similar to that in which residents were raised and spent most of their adult life. Again we have a family type home and include our residents in a family atmosphere. We have 7 beds and are licensed for a maximum, of 7 residents. Having 7 residents makes for less traffic and distraction than in a large facility. We have 2 shared rooms, and 3 private rooms. One private room has a half bath, all the rest have full baths and showers in or adjacent to the room.

We have one caregiver for 5 residents and increase the day staff to two when we accept our sixth resident. We individualize the care plans to make them meaningful to each resident. Many times our residents have difficulty doing group activities. Having a small consistent staff reduces the number of people the resident has to become familiar with. We are more like a family than a facility.

St Petro is wheelchair accessible, we do one person transfers, and we offer incontinence care. Our goal is to care for our residents so they will not have to move again. There are times when a move is necessary and we will assist to be sure the resident finds a place where he/she can find the care they need.


We look forward to meeting you and your family.

Lyle and Goyan Campbell